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Projections” is a term central to so much of my thought and artistic practice for such a long time. This project grew out of my interest in the optic/geometric-based spatial systems of various cultures and pictorial traditions, linear perspective being one of several. I realize that the term “projection” in its technical sense is often misused in this context, but I am expanding it here to refer to the mapping of 3-D spatial relations of a scene (actual or conceived) into corresponding relations on a 2-D surface.*

Given this definition one could push the idea of projections even further with increasingly complex mappings of dimensions higher up the theoretical food chain. (Let’s say, a notional fifth dimension mapped into a fourth). Certainly these ideas roam about in the back of my mind, but the pieces here are far less ambitious in scope. Basically I like color, I’m drawn to representations of space, and I am intrigued with the possibilities of digital applications. In this ongoing series I am combining “vernacular” elements of reductive abstraction with iterations of what I consider the most rudimentary of projective graphics. For now, this is all I have to say.

* Here I have adjusted and redirected John Willats’ definition of “drawing systems” from his book, Art and Representation (Princeton University Press, 1997).